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Gabbar is Back Review

College professor Aditya (Akshay Kumar) becomes directly affected by corruption when he loses his pregnant wife (Kareena Kapoor in a cameo) in a building collapse. He starts to secretly raise a team of his students who will infiltrate various departments in government when they leave school.  Aditya’s main target is the developer whose shoddy work caused his wife’s death. He then takes on the whole system with a plan to kidnap ten officials from each government department, decide which man is the most corrupt and hang him publicly from whatever is available (a crane, a statue), attaching a file of his offenses to the body. Everybody has a CD from “Gabbar” notifying one and all that he intends to rid India of corruption.

I had mixed feelings about “Gabbar is Back“.  It was hard for me to get passed the fact that the “good” guy was executing people without judge or jury, and encouraging his young followers to do the same. Everything was black and white here, no shades of gray. The “bad” guys were just outlines.  They should have been filled in with more detail to help us feel good when they are eliminated. Lots of stereotypes of police and government officials. The background music was relentlessly ever present. » Read more..

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Baby Recommendation

“Baby” is a fast-paced and entertaining thriller from the director of ‘A Wednesday’ and ‘Special 26’, Neeraj Pandey. It contains loads of action, suspense, foreign locations, humor, but no item numbers or love stories.
An experimental covert operation run by the Indian government to root out terrorism wherever it is found is named Baby because it’s the first of its’ kind.  Initially, twelve members were recruited from police and special forces. If caught, the government will deny any knowledge of them.  The operation will run for five years to see if it proves valuable. The unit is in its’ final year with only a few members left.  Feroz Khan (Danny Denzongpa), head of Baby, is liaison and advocate for the team with senior ministers. » Read more..

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