Photos of Goa - Featured Images

One of many Roman Catholic churches in Goa

Photos of Goa - Featured Images

These photos of Goa is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Goa is located on the west coast of India  on the Arabian Sea, bounded on the north by the state of Maharashtra, and on the east and south by the state of Karnataka.  It is India’s smallest state by land area but its’ richest state by GDP. It is renowned as a vacation destination, known for its excellent beaches and churches and temples.

Goa has  a hot, humid climate most of  the year, relieved by monsoon rains from June thru September. It has over 500 square miles of equatorial forest making it one of the most bio diverse areas in the world.

Engravings found on river banks confirm Goa’s history dates back to prehistoric times. Goa has been ruled by Buddhists. Hindus and Muslims.  In 1510, the Portuguese conquered Goa and ruled it until 1961 when it was taken over by India. After the Portuguese colonized Goa, many of its citizens converted to Christianity but over the years, a gradual shift as has returned the Hindus to over 62 percent of the population.  The Bom Jesus Basilica and other churches and temples in Old Goa have been classified as World Heritage Sites.


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