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Dolly ki Doli Review

Sonam Kapoor plays Dolly, a con woman, who knows how to attract men, she then uses all her wiles to trick them into marriage.  On each wedding night, the bride serves all in the house a concoction that puts them into a deep sleep. Dolly then lets the other members of her gang into the house to  take everything of value and disappear.
Police inspector Robin Singh (Pulkit Samrat) is assigned the case and he enlists the help of two of Dolly’s victims, Sonu (Rajkumar Rao), a successful farmer,  and Manjot (Varun Sharma), a Punjabi momma’s boy.
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Bang Bang Review

‘Bang Bang’ is a fast-paced rom-com, starring Hrithik Roshan as a man of mystery, and Katrina Kaif, as a simple bank receptionist. The storyline: Craving a change in her dull life, Harleen mistakes handsome Rajveer for her blind date set up by Rajveer takes advantage of this by charming her, while he slips a priceless diamond that he has stolen from the Tower of London into her purse. Rajveer then asks Harleen if she dances and when she says “only in the mirror”, he proceeds to dazzle her with a Hrithik Roshan style dance. Naïve Harleen is totally infatuated. » Read more..


rrajkumarR…Rajkumar, a mysterious stranger, arrives in town against the backdrop of two war ing drug lords fighting over the opium crop.  As he watches them tear the marketplace apart, Rajkumar sees a damsel in distress about to be seriously hurt by a bullet.  He pushes her out of harm’s way and is instantly smitten by her beauty. Rajkumar becomes obsessed with ‘Lollipop’, as he calls her. Shahid Kapoor, as Rajkumar, plays a young man working for way up in the world of crime, when love strikes. Every time he sees Chanda, aka ‘Lollipop’, he becomes awestruck and speechless in her presence. He finally resorts to stalking her and teasing her mercilessly.  He recues an old man from a burning house, just to impress her. Chanda is a feisty, strong-willed young woman, and she isn’t about to take any nonsense from Raj. Chanda, played by Sonakshi Sinhi, speaks her mind. Unfortunately, she is about to run up against the rules of the patriarchal society she lives in. » Read more..

Chennai Express

CEsrkPosterShah Rukh Khan is Rahul, an unmarried businessman in his forties.  Raised by his doting grandparents, he runs a chain of successful candy shops in Mumbai. Rahul is a little arrogant, self-centered, and sheltered. When Grandpa dies one day before his 100th birthday, Rahul feels the need to break free from his routine and change his life.  He wants to go to Goa to party, but Grandma wants Rahul to fulfill Grandpa’s last wish and spread his ashes in Rameshwaran, a holy city at the southern tip of India. When Grandma insists on seeing him off, Rahul decides to deceive her by getting on the Chennai Express and getting off at the very next stop, but fate has other plans for Rahul. » Read more..

Rab ne bana di Jodi Recommendation

Rab ne bana di Jodi (A Match Made in Heaven) is a sweet, funny and  touching movie involving an unlikely love triangle. The story is set in Amritsar, spiritual and cultural seat of the Sikh religion, and  several scenes are played out in view of the magnificent Golden Temple.
Rab ne is told from the point of view of Surinder Sahni, a geeky, office worker. Suri is shy and unassuming, and it seems he has never had a relationship with a woman even though he is in his » Read more..

Jab We Met Recommendation

Shahid & Kareena

Despondent over business problems and rejected by the woman he loves, Aditya Kashyap wants to end it all.  In a funk, he boards a train and encounters Geet. She is secretly planning  elope.   Geet is overwhelming, talks non-stop and doesn’t know how to mind her own business.  Aditya attempts to escape her by leaving the train but when Geet follows him they both windup stranded.  She insists it is now Aditya’s responsibility to see that she arrives home safely. » Read more..

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