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Drishyam Review

drishyam-movie-review Ajay Devgan is Vijay, a small town businessman caught up in a web of lies and deceit in “Drishyam” (The Sight). Although he is an orphan with only a fourth grade education, through hard work Vijay has built a successful cable business. He is obsessed with watching movie after movie, many times staying at the office late into the night. Vijay references scenes in movies for help with real-life situations; such as, advising a couple on legal matters after he recalls a movie with a similar court scene. Every day, Vijay spends time in a café owned by Martin Uncle. There he often witnesses a corrupt police officer Gaitonde (Kamlesh Sawant) bully people out of their money. » Read more..

Singham Returns Review

SINGHAM RETURNSSalman owns Churbul, SRK owns Don, and Ajay Devgan owns Bajirao Singham, the righteous cop who dispenses compassion and justice as he sees fit. This time, Director Rohit Shetty‘s macho cop Singham is on the Mumbai police force where he has already won the respect of his men. Singham is protecting Guruji (Anupum Kher), his former teacher, who has formed a slate of young, honest political candidates for upcoming elections. Guruji’s nemesis is Baba (Amole Gupta), a phony religious leader, who has become rich and powerful at the expense of his followers. Baba is influencing the elections by intimidation and by buying votes. The plot thickens when one of Singham’s officers turns up dead in a van full of black money. Shetty weaves a number of social ills into his story: poverty, political corruption, laundered money, treatment of women, and the limitation of the “system” to bring about true justice. » Read more..


Officer Rakesh Kadam commits suicide after he is framed for being a corrupt cop by Jaikant Shikre.  As his widow confronts Kadam’s tormentor,  she points to heaven and says “Now He (God) will do justice.” Suddenly, the sun rises over a purification ceremony at a distant temple; a devout Singham rises from the water. As the theme song plays, he struts around in slow-mo, uniform perfectly pressed, pushing an ox cart out of the ditch here, helping an injured child win a race there, and giving kids rides on his motorcycle. He is adored by the people of his village, where he is revered as a benevolent father figure and protector. » Read more..

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