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Udta Punjab Review


‘Udta Punjab’ is a story of how drugs are quietly destroying the future of many Indian young people. Director and co-writer Abhishek Chaubey uses his film as a wakeup call for those that are unaware of the problem within their own country. He uses four people living in Punjab and touched by the drug lifestyle to tell his story.

Tommy Singh (Shahid Kapoor), is a popular rock icon in his state. His songs glorify drug use and partying. His fans love him. Friends make sure he has a limitless supply of cocaine to keep his creative juices running. Everyone, including his father, want the cash to keep pouring in. But,Tommy is so addicted that he starts to unravel. Bizarre behavior lands him in jail where he suffers withdrawal alone.
His cell mates include two brothers who are fans. They became addicted, stole money from their mother, and killed her when she tried to stop them. Horrified, Tommy realizes the influence of his own music. He wants to stop. At his next concert, he tries to talk with his young audience about drug use. He finds out that its all about the drug lifestyle. His fans don’t care about him, they like his music to get high to.

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Kapoor & Sons Recommendation


kapoor-sons-heres-the-jolly-motion-poster-0001Kapoor and Sons is a family drama that leaves you feeling you have been an observer of a real family.  It is the story of accepting that family members have weaknesses, but on the other side of disappointment, our family’s love helps us cope and rise above them.   This film is not a typical Bollywood film, in that it is more of a realistic character study of a modern family. The drama is understated and the story unfolds as daily life does. In the second half of the movie old wounds and secrets appear and the groundwork laid in the first half will leave you touched emotionally by the movie.

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In the midst of wedding preparations, Veera Tripathi feels suffocated and trapped by the predetermined life she is about to enter.  She wants to escape, to be free.  She prevails upon her fiancé to take her on a midnight ride to get away from the stress, when they are caught in the crossfire of a gang committing a robbery.  Veera is kidnapped by the leader, Mahabir. But Mahabir has abducted the wrong girl.  Veera is the daughter of a rich industrialist who will surely stop at nothing to get his daughter back. Fearing the father’s vengeance, Mahabir’s gang dwindles down to two men.

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