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Raajneeti Recommendation


‘Raajneeti’ is the tale of political intrigue, following the fortunes of three powerful families over a period of thirty years. ‘Raajneeti’, co-written and directed by Prakash Jha, has a formidable star cast including: Ranbi Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Ajay Devgan, Katrina Kaif, Nana Patekar, and Manoj Bajpayee. While Jha has stated that his only inspiration for the film was ‘The Godfather’ and the story and characters of India’s epic poem, ‘The Mahabharata’; others feel the characters closely resemble real-life Indian politicians.

Bharti Rai, daughter of a state’s Chief Minister, Ramnath Rai, is in love with opposition leader charismatic leftist Bhaskar Sanyal. After a night of passion, Bhaskar feels ashamed of his behavior. Shaken, he leaves everything behind including Bharti who is now pregnant. When the baby is born, he is taken from Bharti by her brother, Brig Gopal. Gopal places the baby in a small boat left at the edge of the water and abandons him. Gopal then persuades Bharti to marry Chandra Pratap. Chandra’s older brother Bhanu holds power in the fast-rising Rashtrawadi Party. In this way, Gopal has secured Bharti’s future and formed a strong alliance for Bharti’s father.

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Roy Review

Roy Poster

Kabir Grewal (Arjun Rampal), director, filmmaker, and womanizer, has two successful movies on his resume and is now is the process of making the third movie in a series. Devoid of ideas, he heads to Malaysia hoping to find inspiration for his script. While there he meets and pursues Ayesha (Jacqueline Fernandes), a London based filmmaker who is making a documentary.

The scene switches to Roy (Ranbir Kapoor), the subject of Kabir’s film. Roy is a world-class thief who has stolen from the Louvre, the Royal Palace of Qatar, etc. He is planning to steal art work from a wealthy young woman, Tia (Jacqueline in a double role). » Read more..

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