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Tamasha Review

tamasha-1448607669-583-640x480Imtaz Ali’s (writer and director) “Tamasha” is all about finding your true purpose in life. Am I here just to fulfill my duty to my family or to society? Or do I have a duty to myself?  Ali follows Ved Vardhan Sahni (Ranbir Kapoor) through three important stages of his life.

Not really interested in school, 9-year old Ved  is obsessed with stories. All his free time and money is spent on an old storyteller who dispenses stories a half-and-hour at a time.  The stories, a mix of the Mahabharata and Ramayana‎, Greek mythology, and the Bible, set Ved’s imagination on fire. When he returns home, he secretly re-enacts each character.

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Piku Recommendation

Piku three

It is a typical morning in the Banerjee household. Piku is running late for work, man servant Budhan is preparing breakfast and seventy year old hypochondriac Bhashkor is checking his meds and complaining of constipation. Piku tries to convince her father to “go and try”, but Bhashkor doesn’t feel “the pressure”. Piku rushes out the door and promptly takes out her frustration on the taxi driver, accusing him of being late when he has actually been waiting for 20 minutes. And so, we are introduced to the daily routine at the Banerjees in this simple slice-of-life story that deals with our motions and emotions in a most amusing way. Shoojit Sircar has touched a universal nerve as every human being is familiar with the annoyance of constipation. His slightly dysfunctional Bengali family will in some way remind you of your own.

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Happy New Year Recommendation

‘Happy New Year’ is about six losers who cheat their way into the World Dance Championship as Team India. The championship provides cover to pull off a diamond heist during the contest’s finale. Director Farah Khan and actor Shah Rukh Khan set out to make a movie that represents all the things we love about Bollywood in one epic movie.

First the tried and true storyline. Charlie (Shah Rukh Khan) has spent 8 years planning to revenge his father who died in jail falsely accused by villain Charan Gover (Jackie Shroff). Our hero Shah Rukh, plays an English-speaking Boston University topper, whose toned body, agile moves and charm have been delighting audiences for over twenty years now. Our heroine, Deepika Padukone as Mohini, a gorgeous bar dancer equally toned, graceful and sweet. She is brought » Read more..


Ram-leela-posterRam-Leela (Goliyon Ki Rasleela RamLeela) is inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet – tragic love Hindi style. Set in present day Gujarat, Ram-Leela takes place in the mythical town of Ranjaar. Ranjaar has been divided between two criminal families with a history of 500 years of enmity between them: the Rajari and the Suneda. Ram, son of the Rajari Don, has no taste for the family business of guns. Ram is a lover.  He is the local casanova: cocky, arrogant, handsome, and proud.  Leela, daughter of the intimidating Baa, Godmother of the clan Suneda, is being presented to a geeky, NRI archeologist from London; her mother’s choice for Leela’s husband.  Leela is as graceful, as she is beautiful, but she is ruled by her impulsive and wildly passionate nature.
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Chennai Express

CEsrkPosterShah Rukh Khan is Rahul, an unmarried businessman in his forties.  Raised by his doting grandparents, he runs a chain of successful candy shops in Mumbai. Rahul is a little arrogant, self-centered, and sheltered. When Grandpa dies one day before his 100th birthday, Rahul feels the need to break free from his routine and change his life.  He wants to go to Goa to party, but Grandma wants Rahul to fulfill Grandpa’s last wish and spread his ashes in Rameshwaran, a holy city at the southern tip of India. When Grandma insists on seeing him off, Rahul decides to deceive her by getting on the Chennai Express and getting off at the very next stop, but fate has other plans for Rahul. » Read more..

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