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Roy Review

Roy Poster

Kabir Grewal (Arjun Rampal), director, filmmaker, and womanizer, has two successful movies on his resume and is now is the process of making the third movie in a series. Devoid of ideas, he heads to Malaysia hoping to find inspiration for his script. While there he meets and pursues Ayesha (Jacqueline Fernandes), a London based filmmaker who is making a documentary.

The scene switches to Roy (Ranbir Kapoor), the subject of Kabir’s film. Roy is a world-class thief who has stolen from the Louvre, the Royal Palace of Qatar, etc. He is planning to steal art work from a wealthy young woman, Tia (Jacqueline in a double role). » Read more..

Kick Review

KickPoster‘Kick’ is truly the Salman Khan show from beginning to end, with a cast of good supporting characters, and a fairly interesting storyline. Is he acting or just being himself – probably a little of both.  Sajid Nadiadwala makes his directing debut with this movie.

Shaina (Jacqueline Fernandez), a beautiful psychologist living in Warsaw, agrees to an meeting with Himanshu (Randeep Hooda), a top cop from India, for the purpose of an arranged marriage. They share their pasts as a way of getting to know each other. Shaina confesses she is still haunted by feelings for ex-boyfriend Devi Lal. Devi (Salman) is an underachiever with a brilliant, creative mind. Easily bored, Devi has gone through 32 jobs since college. He’s addicted to the high that comes from mixing things up, being reckless, and getting a kick from the reactions around him. When Shaina tries to change him, Devi impulsively breaks their romance off. Himanshu, it turns out, is haunted and taunted by a master criminal who is nicknamed Devil.
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