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3 Idiots


Have you ever lost touch with a very close friend; then, years later, you come into contact with them again and it’s as if you had just seen them yesterday? 3 Idiots is about the joy of such friendships and much more. This film is currently the biggest worldwide grosser in the history of the Hindi film industry and for good reason.  Set in the Imperial School of Engineering in Delhi, an elite school where competition is fierce, the movie questions traditional methods of teaching and the meaning of success. » Read more..

Singham Returns Review

SINGHAM RETURNSSalman owns Churbul, SRK owns Don, and Ajay Devgan owns Bajirao Singham, the righteous cop who dispenses compassion and justice as he sees fit. This time, Director Rohit Shetty‘s macho cop Singham is on the Mumbai police force where he has already won the respect of his men. Singham is protecting Guruji (Anupum Kher), his former teacher, who has formed a slate of young, honest political candidates for upcoming elections. Guruji’s nemesis is Baba (Amole Gupta), a phony religious leader, who has become rich and powerful at the expense of his followers. Baba is influencing the elections by intimidation and by buying votes. The plot thickens when one of Singham’s officers turns up dead in a van full of black money. Shetty weaves a number of social ills into his story: poverty, political corruption, laundered money, treatment of women, and the limitation of the “system” to bring about true justice. » Read more..

Jab We Met Recommendation

Shahid & Kareena

Despondent over business problems and rejected by the woman he loves, Aditya Kashyap wants to end it all.  In a funk, he boards a train and encounters Geet. She is secretly planning  elope.   Geet is overwhelming, talks non-stop and doesn’t know how to mind her own business.  Aditya attempts to escape her by leaving the train but when Geet follows him they both windup stranded.  She insists it is now Aditya’s responsibility to see that she arrives home safely. » Read more..

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