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Saala Khadoos Recommendation

R Madhavan and Ritika in Saala Khadoos

Boxer Adi Tomar was cheated out of winning Olympics gold for India by politics and a corrupt boxing commission. Betrayed by his coach, Dev Khatri, and a wife who left him shortly afterwards, Adi’s life is ruled by bitterness.  Now in his forties,  he is a top coach of the Indian women’s boxing team, but his temper and his abusive mouth keep him at odds with the boxing commission and his old rival, Dev, who is now its chairman.  After a confrontation about the way boxers are selected, the commission exiles Adi to Chennai, known for its lack-luster boxers and poor facilities.
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Baahubali: The Beginning Recommendation

Director/Screenwriter S.S. Rajamouli‘s epic tale begins as a villager rescues a tiny baby from the raging waters of a spectacular waterfall. The boy is raised by a surrogate mother and is given the name Shiva. Throughout his childhood and adolescence, Shiva (Telugu actor Prabhas) yearns to know what lies atop the waterfall but all his attempts to climb it fail. One day, a devoted Shiva, desiring to make his mother happy, lifts a two-ton Shiva Linga (a stone idol) from its foundation and places it in the showers of the fall, a feat which brings proud blessings to his amazed mother and the villagers. Soon afterward, a wooden mask tumbles down from the top of the falls and lands at Shiva’s feet. Pulled by the call of destiny, Shiva tries the climb again. This time Shiva discovers a beautiful spirit who playfully encourages him all the way to the top of the mountain. » Read more..

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