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Mardaani Recommendation



Children kidnapped for the world’s sex trade; the subject matter of ‘Mardaani’ is an important one. India is the hub of child sex trafficking with nearly 40,000 kids abducted every year; 11,000 of who are never found. Meet Rani Mukerji as Shivani Shivaji Roy, Senior Inspector, Crime Branch of the Mumbai Police Department. Shivani is devoted to her doctor husband, her niece Meera, and Pyari, a street girl whom she rescued and now pays for her education. Shivani is a female version of Ajay Devgan’s Singham; a righteous, incorruptible, and tough policeman. Rani Mukerji creates a policewoman that is equally powerful, butMardaani has a deadly serious tone. » Read more..

No One Killed Jessica

New Delhi police were summoned to the Tamarind Court Cafe on the night of April 29, 1999, where a well known Delhi socialite was hosting a party for over 300 guests. Model Jessica Lal, 34, had been hired to work as a celebrity bartender for the night. When the liquor ran out around midnight, the bar closed but the party continued. Jessica and another bartender, Vikram, were cleaning up in the bar area when Manish Bhardwaj and two friends, approached them at around 2 am demanding drinks. When Manish was refused, even after he offered 1000 rupies, he took out a gun and fired once at the ceiling and once into Jessica’s head. » Read more..

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