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Happy New Year Recommendation

‘Happy New Year’ is about six losers who cheat their way into the World Dance Championship as Team India. The championship provides cover to pull off a diamond heist during the contest’s finale. Director Farah Khan and actor Shah Rukh Khan set out to make a movie that represents all the things we love about Bollywood in one epic movie.

First the tried and true storyline. Charlie (Shah Rukh Khan) has spent 8 years planning to revenge his father who died in jail falsely accused by villain Charan Gover (Jackie Shroff). Our hero Shah Rukh, plays an English-speaking Boston University topper, whose toned body, agile moves and charm have been delighting audiences for over twenty years now. Our heroine, Deepika Padukone as Mohini, a gorgeous bar dancer equally toned, graceful and sweet. She is brought » Read more..


rrajkumarR…Rajkumar, a mysterious stranger, arrives in town against the backdrop of two war ing drug lords fighting over the opium crop.  As he watches them tear the marketplace apart, Rajkumar sees a damsel in distress about to be seriously hurt by a bullet.  He pushes her out of harm’s way and is instantly smitten by her beauty. Rajkumar becomes obsessed with ‘Lollipop’, as he calls her. Shahid Kapoor, as Rajkumar, plays a young man working for way up in the world of crime, when love strikes. Every time he sees Chanda, aka ‘Lollipop’, he becomes awestruck and speechless in her presence. He finally resorts to stalking her and teasing her mercilessly.  He recues an old man from a burning house, just to impress her. Chanda is a feisty, strong-willed young woman, and she isn’t about to take any nonsense from Raj. Chanda, played by Sonakshi Sinhi, speaks her mind. Unfortunately, she is about to run up against the rules of the patriarchal society she lives in. » Read more..

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